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We Make Your Home Look Brand New

Boost your property value & make your Brisbane home truly stand out with our professional pressure cleaning.

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Jenni Mortimer
Jenni Mortimer
December 28, 2023.
Absolutely amazing results! Chris was great and worked hard to get everything clean on a very hot day. My dog liked him too which was a great bonus
Deb Winkel
Deb Winkel
December 18, 2023.
Fantastic job! Chis was professional and well versed in all the aspects of cleaning our townhouse complex. Fast, friendly service at a very reasonable price. Look forward to working with Purity on an annual basis to keep the whole complex looking great.
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett
November 17, 2023.
On time, great job, within budget, very satisfied
October 12, 2023.
Chris did a great job. Extremely friendly, so easy to deal with. House looks great! Highly recommend. Will be getting him back next time!
Dan Kendesch
Dan Kendesch
September 14, 2023.
Wow! Amazing job. Extremely friendly and did the job with no fuss. Highly recommended
Ben Furlonger
Ben Furlonger
September 13, 2023.
Chris was prompt and the service offered was quick and professional.
kat w
kat w
August 18, 2023.
Chris did an absolutely awesome job on the concrete driveway and pathways of our unit complex, and also our back wooden fence which was covered in green algae. To our surprise it came up like brand-new! Chris was very efficient and prompt, and his pride in his work was excellent. Look no further Chris is your man he did such a good job and was so professional, thanks Chris! 10/10
timothy symonds
timothy symonds
August 3, 2023.
Absolute champion, the process from start to finish was nothing short of perfection. Workmanship and care 100%
Bronwen Taylor
Bronwen Taylor
July 24, 2023.
Great results, super flexible, and so easy to work with!
Danae S
Danae S
May 25, 2023.
Christopher does excellent work and is a pleasure to deal with. We have used his services multiple times. We highly recommend this business.

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All-in-one Pressure Washing Solution

Top Rated Residential & Commercial Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Are you a homeowner?

What do your neighbors, friends, family, and guests think about your property when they set foot at the front driveway? If your property is plagued with bacteria, stains, dirt, and debris, you’re not going to make a very good impression. Worse is you won’t get the respect you deserve from these people. With the help of a professional pressure washing company in Brisbane, you’ll always make the right impression and gain the respect of those around you. You might even make your neighbors envious.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Are you a business owner or a property manager?

Is your property repelling new customers and turning them off to your brand? Your business could be providing the most superior product & services lightyears ahead of your competition. But! If customers are getting turned off and walking away because of your dirty property, they may never know that you’re the best in the city of Brisbane. Let our team of professionals at Purity Pressure washing help your business look and feel like a business new customers want to visit over and over again.

Become The Most Valued In Your Area

An Affordable Solution To Increase Your Property Value

If there’s one thing that you can do to increase your property value in a matter of minutes, it has to be pressure washing.

Planning or thinking about selling your property anytime soon?

When you’re getting your home appraised, you’d want your property to be clean and in its best condition to get a fair market price. 

If your property isn’t clean or maintained, your property value drops dramatically.

Let us help maintain and increase your property value before it’s too late. Call for a free quote at 0478 474 440

Many times property owners will go with the most common solution to making their property look clean again, which is repainting the entire exterior.

Although painting over all the dirt, grimes, and algae will give your property cleaner look, it’s expensive, and you’re sweeping the problem under the rug.

One other thing is, you can’t repaint your driveway and parking lot, which essential parts of your exterior that will have an impact on your property value.

Check out a list on Forbes describing exactly all the exterior parts that can increase or decrease your property value.

With pressure washing, you get a complete cleaning of your building, driveway, parking lot, and much more for a fraction of the price.

Get Your Exterior cleaned the right way & save money

An affordable long lasting cleaning solution for your entire exterior!

We Get Your The Results You Want

A Guaranteed Professional Pressure Washing Experience In Brisbane

Job 1: An Instant Miracle Clean & Shine For Your Property

The final results of a professional pressure cleaning job in Brisbane is night and day.

In the picture to your left or up-top on mobile, you can see that before pressure washing, our customer’s patio, driveway, and the entire building had stains, dirt, oil, and other debris covering it.

They’ve tried scrubbing, mopping it, but the stains never really go away.

These stains build up on top of one another over time and begin to dry up over time.

With a proper pressure washing protocol, we were able to remove all the stains within a couple of hours and protect the property from any damage.

By the end, the transformation always shocks property owners as they see the incredible difference it makes.

If you’re looking for a trusted team of pressure cleaners in Brisbane, contact us today for your free quote!

Job 2: High pressure cleaning services for Cleaning Harder Surfaces

Harder surfaces such as concrete can handle higher pressure and heat.

Gum and difficult areas to clean can easily be washed away with the power of a quality high-pressure washer. We would only use higher pressure for hard surfaces to quickly blast it all away without doing any damage to your property.

You can see the fantastic results from the picture to your right or up top on your phone.

The customer planned on selling their home and wanted to make sure they get the highest maximum value when it gets appraised.

With the help with Purity, our customer was able to transform their driveway within minutes. The results show the differences.

Let us help you get an affordable solution to increase your property value.

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Kind Words From Our Satisfied Customers

Great service, great results. Precision to detail. Chris communicated every aspect of the job and delivered beyond our expectations.

Highly recommend!!

Dan Ruttley

Chris did a great job! We had a long wooden fence that hadn’t been maintained well for years. Chris came through and made it look just like new. Amazing what a pro like Chris can do with a pressure washer!

Filip Duz​

I been looking for someone who can clean the windows of my two story townhouse for ages now. Chris’ work really blew me away. Punctual, great communication and a professional job overall. Will be using Purity again.

Rob Doran​

why should you Choose Purity?

A Guaranteed Professional Pressure Washing Experience in Brisbane

Customer Satisfaction

Making sure you are fully satisfied with our services is the top priority. We do everything we can to make sure you get the best price, best results, and best experience with our services. If you’re not fully satisfied, we will give you your money back guaranteed!

Insured &

We understand that accidents can happen on any job, and the safety of your property matters that much more. When you work with us as your pressure cleaners, you will have total peace of mind. We treat your property as if it were ours, and take safety protocol in all our services.


Instead of spending several thousand on services to cover up your mess, with pressure washing, it’s much affordable, and it fixes the root cause. You’ll clear out any mould, mildew, dirt, algae, grime, and bubble gum that plagues your property. Get an affordable long-term solution.

Consistancy In Quality

Our promise to our customers is to bring the same consistency in the quality of our services and customer experience. We are the pressure cleaning service company that you can quickly call for help with cleaning your exterior with the best results year after year.

Can't Call? Getting Started Is As Easy As Sending an SMS For A Free Quote

Our Power Cleaning Protocol includes of high pressure cleaning, soft washing, and power washing

long-term pressure cleaning solution

Are you someone who likes to plan ahead and not have to worry about staying on top of your cleaning?

Here at Purity Pressure Washing, we make it extremely easy for homeowners always to have their property looking its best year-round. 

  1. If you regularly have guests over during the spring, summer, or fall, we can help your property look cleaner so you’ll be able to plan and entertain your guests on the fly.
  2. If you run a business that depends on visitors, we can help your property stay on schedule to look clean, inviting and attractive for new customers year-round.

Signing up for an automated pressure washing plan is easy.  

All you need to do is:

  1. Contact us and ask for a free quote.
  2. Provide your address and schedule an inspection to give you an accurate quote.
  3. On the day of inspection, we check how dirty the area is and how much chemicals will be needed for complete cleaning.
  4. We’ll schedule another time to get started.
  5. We show up on the day scheduled to clean with everything ready to go.
  6. Your satisfaction is guaranteed afterwards. Let’s get started today!

Let’s get started today!

We Pressure Clean your property No Matter Where you are in Brisbane!

Get a Pressure Washing Service Covering All of Brisbane

Our pressure cleaning in Brisbane is available to all businesses and homes in the city. Whether you’re located up north, south or west, we have you covered. 

If you’re looking for a total exterior cleaning, we do offer many other add-on services that’ll put your property on a complete exterior maintenance year-round.

Here are the various services that we provide here in Brisbane:

  • Pressure Washing
  • House Washing
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Mould Removal
  • Rust Removal
  • And Much More…

Purity Pressure Washing
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