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We Clean All Types Of Roofs

Roof Cleaning in Brisbane For All roof Types

Metal Roof Cleaning brisbane

Most roofs here in Brisbane are use corrugated iron, which is pure metal. Although metal roofs are perfect for high impact storms, they still suffer from from bacterial & fungal growth. When cleaning your roof we eliminate any trace of organic matter and get your roof shiny brand new again.

Tile Roof Cleaning brisbane

Tile roofs are beautiful, but overtime mould and algae spreads and covers up your entire roof. The discoloration makes your tile roof look old, but that isn’t the case. We just need to eliminate the organic matter that’s covering the beautiful tile colors underneath. Call us today to clean your tiled roof! 

Shingle Roof Cleaning Brisbane

We don’t get much shingle roof here in Brisbane. Shingle roofs can be easily damaged if left with untreated mould and mildew over time. We use an Eco friendly chem mix to eliminate all organic matter from growing or spreading so your shingle roof will last longer and look just as goog as new!

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We focus on you being a happy customer. When you choose Purity, everything is made easy for you to get a professional and safe roofing cleaning service in Brisbane with unmatched results. 

Insured &

Leave all your worries and headaches to us. We take careful precaution before cleaning your roof. We are also insured and bonded to give a tremendous layer of protection for each and every customer. 


Price is no issue when you choose Purity Pressure Washing. We give all our customers a fair and free quote upfront after a proper inspection of the condition their roof is in. 

Consistancy In Quality

The quality of our roof cleaning services is to get your roof back to its original condition without doing harm to your property. You can always expect professionalism and superb results from our team.

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Kind Words From Our Satisfied Customers

Great service! They got our tiled roof looking like new. Thank you Chris for the excellent work you do. I would recommend Chris for all your roof restoration or cleaning needs!

Benjamin Nguyen

Had researched all over Brisbane for someone clean our roof covered in algae. I found Chris and he came out the same day to have a look and did the job done the next day! The roof has no trace of algae. Thank you good sir!

David Stubert

Cannot provide enough praise for Chris at Purity pressure cleaning. Chris not only provided amazing service for a great price he was friendly and professional. Will definately be turning to him for any future pressure cleaning needs.

shane mathews

avoid Roof Maintenance Mistakes

What Happens to Your Roof When You Allow Mould & Mildew To Grow?

Can you see green patches or black streaks on your roof? These coloured patches and streaks are algae (Gloeocapsa magma) growing on your roof. The algae thrive by eating concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

Other roof types can develop algae when dust particles and debris accumulate and hold moisture. As the algae flourishes, it weakens the roof’s affected area. The algae growth can also harbour mould, mildew, and other bacteria or fungi.

These green patches and black streaks make your roof ugly and weaken its structure. When you forego professional roof cleaning in Brisbane South, you risk other dangers from these contaminants, such as:

  • Spreading Moulds

When rain washes mould off your roof, it lands on the ground where you might unknowingly step in it and track it indoors. It can also eat through your roof and spread to the wood and other structural elements beneath. Once it’s inside your house, mould can spread rapidly and become more difficult and expensive to eradicate. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage and trigger health problems, such as respiratory illnesses. The safest and most cost-effective way to prevent mould growth is to get rid of it while in its early stages on your roof.

  • Attracting Rodents

Mouldy roofs attract rats, squirrels, and other rodents that chew on the mouldy material. That means you will have to pay for an exterminator and a new roof.

  • Costly Repairs

If mould has penetrated your roof and the wood beneath it, you might have to replace all parts of your roofing. Reroofing your home is an expensive venture that you can avoid by regular roof cleaning in Brisbane Northside and other parts of the Gold Coast.

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Before & After Roof Cleaning

Signs That Your Roof Needs a Professional Cleaning

If you notice any of the following, contact us immediately for roof cleaning services:

  • Moss, algae, lichen, or anything else growing on your roof
  • Your roof shingles are falling off
  • Black streaks on parts of your roof
  • Piles of debris, soil, and other dirt on your roof or gutters
  • Bird droppings all over the roof

Even if there are no signs of trouble on your roof, consider having it cleaned if you haven’t washed it in over ten years. Instead of handling the dangerous and tedious job yourself, call Purity Pressure Washing. We handle all types of roof washing jobs, and our services are affordable.

We perform a high-pressure cleaning on roofs made from harder materials. We perform soft wash cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals on roofs made from soft roofing materials. Whatever the case, we have the cleaning equipment suitable for cleaning any type of roof.

Our soft wash roof cleaning Brisbane service eliminates dirt and growths without damaging any part of your roofing. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our services, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee.

Call Purity today for a free quote and to schedule specialist roof cleaning in Brisbane.

Proper Roof maintenance

Benefits of Roof Cleaning For Your Home in Brisbane

Prevent Roof Damage

Accumulated debris will stop your roof from properly drying. The moisture can weaken your roofing, while the weight of the debris can cause the affected areas to cave in. 

Algae and fungus growth can damage the roof, while mildew growth can cause odour. Regular roof cleaning will prevent these and other issues from forming.  Aside from preventing damage and reducing maintenance costs, our roof cleaning Brisbane services can make your roof last longer. These benefits mean you won’t have to worry about replacing your roof for several years.

Restore Curb Appeal

A dirty roof is an eyesore that makes your home unattractive and reduces its market value. Our cleaning service will peel off years of accumulated grime to reveal your roof’s true colour and beauty. If your shingles come with a warranty, choosing us for roof maintenance will make sure your warranty stays valid. Note that you will only get these benefits with properly executed roof cleaning. 

At Purity Pressure Washing, we tailor our services to fit each customer’s requirements. If you own a clay, concrete, interlocking, or another tile roof type, count on us for tile roof cleaning Brisbane services. We also clean metal, slate, asphalt, wood, and other roof types.

Prevent Gutter Clogging

Debris from your roof can gather in the gutters and clog them. Clogged gutters can overflow, which can damage your roof, walls, and foundation. We help prevent these problems by cleaning your gutters when we perform roof cleaning in Western Suburbs, Brisbane.

Maintain Energy-Efficiency

If your shingles become rotted by fungus growth, your home’s insulation will become compromised. Without proper insulation, you will spend more money to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our cleaning services will keep your roof sturdy so it can continue keeping your home safe and comfy.

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Our Power Cleaning Protocol includes of high pressure cleaning, soft washing, and power washing

Proper Roof maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Roof With a Thorough Roof Cleaning in Brisbane

A weakened roof makes your building energy inefficient and unappealing. Worse, it does not offer reliable protection from the elements. Purity Pressure Washing can extend the lifespan of your roof and enhance your roof’s appearance with its roof and gutter cleaning Brisbane services.

We recommend that homeowners try and get their roof clean every 12 months as a proper roof maintenance routine.

Pollutants left on your roof will weaken the structure over time and ruin its beauty. Our roof cleaning services eliminate debris, moss, lichen, mould, and other dirt and organisms from your roofing.

We recommend roof washing at least once a year or more often if your building is close to a busy road or under a tree. Attempting roof cleaning without proper equipment or training can cause more harm than good. It’s a job best left to the professionals.

Our team has years of experience providing roof cleaning in Brisbane West and other parts of the Gold Coast. We can tailor our services to care for any roof style on all types of buildings. If you have solar panels in place, we can clean them too and your gutters.

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