Case Study 2: Helping A Local Real Estate Agent In Brisbane Maintain Client’s Home

Purity Pressure Washing

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Are you a real estate agent in Brisbane? 

You’ll be thrilled to see exactly what the outcome of this project came out to be. 

We’re after superior results and there are no exceptions to that. If you’re planning on maintaining the property to sell at its best desired value, then proper house washing will be a great benefit to you.

The Overview Of The Situation And How We Plan On Tackling This Project

We were contacted by a local real estate agent here in Brisbane and he gave us the rundown of what he wanted done for the house and to get our expert advice.

The house was a 2 story painted weatherboard house, and he wanted all 4 of the sidings to be washed. As you can see from the image below the 4 sidings looked much darker than the after picture. The dark color is due to a thin layer of algae, mould, and other organic matters that have built up over the years. 

Purity Pressure Washing

The worst parts were heavy buildups of algae and mould under the soffit that needed to be immediately cleaned off. 

The neglect to maintain this property can make it extremely difficult on the homeowner and can even result in discovering major damage issues that can cost upwards of thousands in repair and maintenance.

Luckily much of the bacterial and fungal growth never penetrated through and no damages were detected during our cleaning. 

If the wall of the house is covered in a thin layer of dirt and debris, you betcha that the window covers, blinds, gutter, stairs, soffit, and porch areas are just about in the same condition.

Selling a house in this condition would be an uphill battle and probably not something you’d want to do or else your client might fire you.

Our Approach and Solution To Safely Clean This Home

Because of the heavy build ups of the mould and algae all around the house, the best solution required our team to use a specialty soap and chemical mixture which will effectively penetrate right through and kill the spire nested at the very root.

Now before each and every house wash that requires a specialty mixture, it’s best that we spray the windows with water before applying the chemical mixture to drastically reduce the chances of leaving marks on the glass after our final rinse.

All the siding and window covers/blinds were cleaned and produced amazing results. Unfortunately, the home owner didn’t want the driveways and paths pressure washed even though they were in need of a drastic brightening.

Lastly, we soft-washed the lower level painted palings of the property and under the front patio and stairs. This process removed all grass clippings, surface dust, grime, spiderwebs and insect pods/nests.

The Final Result?

Another happy customer – the property turned out looking excellent and the homeowner and renter were over the moon with the results.

Results are what we’re after and it doesn’t just make our customers happy, but also let’s us know that we’re doing the right thing and made an impact in our customers lives.

Here are the rest of the before and after photos for you to view.


Never let algae and mould cover your home and not get it under control. 

We highly advise that homeowners should at least have their home washed every year to make sure their property avoids foreseen damages that could end up costing them thousands of dollars.

If you need a proper house wash from the pros, don’t hesitate to contact us today and get a free and fast quote.