Case Study 1: Our Cleaning Process & Our Procedures

Purity Pressure Washing

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Is your home infested by mould, mildew and algae?

Mould and algae are a big concern for most homeowners. They ruin your home’s curb appeal, destroy your property, and can cause serious health complications.

Although you’ll find a lot of mould and algae covering up your home, there are also many other forms of debris and organic matter that can be even harder to remove (and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!).

Organic matter such a black lichen mould has roots and spores that grip onto the substrate of the walls or sidings of your home and eventually embed itself into the paint and is extremely difficult to remove.

Even pressure washing alone won’t remove everything – you can knock some of the organic matter off with sheer force but the spores still remain!

Many homeowners believe they just need a weak electric pressure washer (yes, I’m looking at you and that $99 Ryobi in your garage 😉) to get their exterior of their home clean.

What most people don’t understand is, incorrect use of high pressure can only take off so much and WILL damage your property causing the paint to peel or chipping off render or grout. Paint will peel from the surface due to the user holding the nozzle too close to the surface or using the incorrect tip in an attempt to remove the dirt, stain or mould out of sheer frustration.

Don’t let this be you!

Don’t worry! There IS a way to do it all correctly and ensuring no damage to your property.

Specific chemicals, soaps and surfactants are mixed carefully to tackle the precise type of organic matter and debris for each type of surface or substrate you’re trying to clean.

The difficult part, is knowing which chemicals and the right mixture for each specific situation.

You can spend hundreds of hours trying to learn by trial and error (and you’ll kill your fair share of landscaping and find out what tiger striping is), or you can hire Brisbane’s professionals here at Purity Pressure Washing to come and do it all for you safely and effectively and with a big smile while we’re doing it (we honestly love doing this way too much 😅)

Case Study 1: 2 story painted weatherboard house. Fences, sidings, patio to be soft-washed and all concrete surfaces to be high pressure cleaned

The homeowners were concerned about the amount of mould and algae on their home and concrete due to having small children and a new puppy.

The house hadn’t had a clean since they bought the property 6 years ago, so I had my work cut out for me.

Problem and process:

All concrete surfaces were covered with black lichen mould. Black lichen cannot be removed just by high pressure – the spores grip into deep into the substrate and can only be killed by using the correct chemical mixture which will allow our surface cleaner to remove the organic matter.

Heavy mould and algae build-up requires a significant PRE-TREATMENT of our soap and chemical mixture.

This breaks down the surface structure of the mould and helps us penetrate and remove the layer of algae, dirt, and grime underneath. This pre-treatment was used for the concrete driveway, carport, back path, side path, rear outdoor area, and front patio.

Purity Pressure Washing

After all the surfaces were surfaced cleaned with a rotary surface cleaner, a POST-TREATMENT is applied to the surfaces to future proof the substrates against organic growth and whiten concrete even more.

Purity Pressure Washing

Both side and rear fences and retaining wall were soft washed and you can see they came up looking amazing – the home owner said they looked by far the best they ever have since they bought the house!

Purity Pressure Washing

Lastly we soft-washed the siding of their home and under the front patio roof. This process removes all algae/mould, surface dust, grime, spiderwebs and insect pods/nests.

The End Result Of It All

Purity Pressure Washing

The before and after pictures speak for themselves. The home owners were ecstatic at the results. This was a fun project and was very happy with how it turned out.


As you can see the results speaks for itself. With the right soap and chemical mixtures, it not only made the area look completely brand new, but it did absolutely no damage whatsoever to the property.

Our aim and final goal is always to make your property purity clean that increases curb appeal and bring everything back to life.