An Instant Curb Appeal Boost From Resurfacing Homeowner’s Property

Purity Pressure Washing Before and After

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When a property’s driveway, pathways, walkways, patio, garden stairs, or any other concrete surfaces get covered in mould, algae, and stains, it drops the curb appeal tremendously. 

Your house could have the best design and layout in the entire neighborhood. But if you fail to take care of it properly, it will no longer stand out or be considered unique.

Maybe you’re in a similar situation. Have a read at this case study, it’s problem, complications, solution, and end result.

The Problem and Complication

One of our recent clients was dealing with this issue where they failed to keep the exterior surfaces around their house clean. It has gotten to a point where it made the entire property look old and broken down.

The homeowners were in desperate need of help and reached out to our team here at Purity Pressure Washing.

Because the property maintenance was neglected for years, mould and algae built up multiple layers on the driveway, path, bricks, garden stairs, and concrete side slab. 

What’s worst was underneath all the layers of mould and algae were tire stains and dirt that have been etched into the hard surface over time. The more these stains accumulate underneath, the harder it was to remove them.

What Was Our Recommended Solution Solution?

We worked out that this process would costs THOUSANDS of dollars and we could do a complete refresh of their flat surfaces and get them looking much better.

When you neglect to maintain your property the cost will accumulate in the amount of equipment, chemical treatment, and labor to restore the property.

Heavy mould and algae build up covered the front garden steps. Problem areas like these require both a strong chemical mixture which penetrates the surface of the organic matter and high pressure. We apply our pre-treatment on all the surfaces to achieve the best surface clean results possible. After sufficient dwell time, we can surface clean all hard horizontal surfaces with our rotary surface cleaner tools, carefully making sure to adjust the nozzles and pressure to be sure not to damage any surfaces.

During and after the clean, we make sure to remove all dirt which gets lifted from the surfaces so it doesn’t resettle back down where we just removed it from – this is very important – make sure your external cleaning contractor does this!

The Final Result

Purity Pressure Washing Before and After
Purity Pressure Washing Before and After
Purity Pressure Washing Before and After
Purity Pressure Washing Before and After

Another happy customer – the property turned out looking excellent and my client and more importantly his wide were over the moon with the results.

If you’re in a similar situation and need your surfaces restored back to a cleaner and more pleasing condition, please reach out to us and have us help you.

Don’t let your burb appeal suffer.